Donald Trump's administration's decision to leave Iran's nuclear program and its possible reflection on world politics


By Ketevan Jebisashvili, Abdulmelik Alkan, Nika Chitadze

One of the main reasons of why USA maid decision to leave Iran nuclear program is Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement according to which Israel  has an archive where stolen information about Iranian nuclear plans is protected. Israeli High Commissioner has accused Iran in production of nuclear weapon.

One uranium strange history

By Kim Stern

An example of absurd proceedings was the litigation between Kazakhstan and Canada under the terms of the agreement on the development of the uranium deposit, concluded by official Ottawa back with the Soviet Union almost 30 years ago. To understand the whole background of this story, it is worth starting with the events of the later.

US presses Turkey: It’s either F-35s or S-400s

By Serkan Demirtaş

Amid sound and fury over looming key presidential and parliamentary elections, there are some very important developments in the field of foreign policy that carry the risk of further deteriorating ties between Turkey and the United States. The state of bilateral relations between the two NATO allies constitutes a difficult complexity due to many mingled problems.