Anders Fogh Rasmussen, ex-NATO Secretary General, Adviser to President of Ukraine: The time has come for NATO allies to provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons

By Andrii Lavreniuk

Former prime minister of Denmark and NATO Secretary General in 2009-2014, Anders Fogh Rasmussen is now in the forefront of the international club of friends of Ukraine, defending the interests of our country in the i nternational political, diplomatic and expert circles.

Kazakhstan’s open investment policy, EXPO, attract foreign investors to do business


Kazakhstan’s efforts to draw foreign investors have marked the country as the “foreign investors’ haven” in Central Asia. For U.K.-based Aggreko, a supplier of temporary power generation equipment and temperature control equipment, this was one of the main reasons to enter the local market.

Linking Turkish Stream and TAP – against EU’s energy diversification strategy: expert

Linking the Turkish Stream, which will supply Russian gas to Turkey and further to Europe bypassing Ukraine, with Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) – the parts of the Southern Gas Corridor – is a scenario that goes against the EU energy diversification strategy, believes Andreas Marazis, project manager and researcher in the Brussels-based European Neighborhood Council think-tank.