James Sherr, British expert: Russia would not resort to escalation in Syria if Crimea remained Ukrainian

By Natalia Bukvych

After the poisoning in Salisbury, the large-scale expulsion of Russian diplomats, not only from Britain, but also from many other countries, the world expert society has begun to talk about the return to the Cold War. But after the escalation of the situation in Syria, more people begin to say that direct military clashes between Russia, on the one hand, and the United States with its allied troops, on the other, cease to be an unrealistic scenario. It still has not become "basic," but is called "pessimistic" quite often.

Conclusion of the panel discussions, NATO-EU Roundtable 2018

On the 4th of April 2018, the sixth “NATO-EU Roundtable” took place at Tallinn University. The conference was organised by the Estonian Atlantic Treaty Organisation in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and NATO Headquarters. The conference focused on the NATO-EU political and military cooperation, particularly in the domain of countering hybrid threats, cyber defence and strategic communication.