Barbara Kunz: Preserving defence partnerships with US and UK is a key interest for France

By Erik Eenlo

Nicolas Sarkozy used to promote himself as a transatlanticist or anglophile French president. Emmanuel Macron seems to have taken this approach a step further. Macron appears to have taken upon France and himself the responsibility of not allowing Britain and more importantly, the United States to drift too far away from Europe. Is he succeeding in this?

Emmanuel Macron: Azerbaijan can always rely on France`s support in addressing future challenges

French President Emmanuel Macron has said Azerbaijan can always rely on France`s support in addressing future challenges. In his letter of congratulation addressed to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of the centenary o the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the French President said: “As Azerbaijan is celebrating the centenary of its independence, which was proclaimed in 1918 and restored in 1991, I know how difficult it is to build such a stable, modern and prosperous state.”

India and Kazakhstan have excellent relations, says Indian ambassador

Relations between Kazakhstan and India have a long history. At the beginning of the first millennium, the Sakas went from Central Asia to India and Buddhism from India was introduced in Kazakhstan. The Great Silk and Spice Routes united India and Kazakhstan in the Middle Ages. There was a constant exchange of goods, ideas and thoughts between the countries. The year 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Kazakhstan. Since 1991, when Kazakhstan gained independence, both countries have strengthened their relations, Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan Prabhat Kumar told The Astana Times.

Problems present and future of natural gas in the European market

By D.Rozanov

Europe and Germany will have a high demand for imported natural gas in the medium term. Therefore, maintaining the stability and reliable energy partnership with Russia for decades is of great importance for the German economy. At the same time, the question of how to take into account the interests of third countries also plays a role. A constant exchange of views with colleagues is an important condition for finding solutions.